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Hiniker Snow Plows

Clyde's carries a full line of Hiniker Snow Plows for commercial and personal use. Stop in or call to see just how affordable your snow solution can be! Our financing options help you get your equipment at affordable pricing. We accept the Forest River Card.

  1. Straight PolyMid-Weight, 7 ftStraight Poly installed, HGT:26", WGT:449#
    $4,895 + tax(3) in stock
  2. Straight PolyMid-Weight, 7.5 ftStraight Poly installed, HGT:26", WGT:460#
    $4,995 + tax(1) in stock
  3. HP Poly Trip EdgeScoop Plow, 9 ftHP Poly Trip Edge installed, HGT:30", WGT:799#
    $6,495 + tax(1) in stock
  4. Flare Top Poly Trip EdgeV-Plow, 9.5 ftFlare Top Poly Trip Edge installed, HGT:30", WGT:877#
    $7,295 + tax(1) in stock